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Waterproofing for Windsor-Area Basements

Because your home is usually one of the biggest investments an individual will make during his or her lifetime, it stands to reason that protecting that investment is a pretty big priority to most. Canadian weather can be pretty harsh. If you’re interested in waterproofing your basement against the unpredictable elements Mother Nature has in store for you this year, Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc. has you covered. We provide effective waterproofing for Windsor and Essex County residents just like you. We repair cracks in walls, as well as your ceilings and floors, and insert protective wall membranes to allow for internal waterproofing.

Benefits of Internal Waterproofing

Internal waterproofing is accomplished through an intricate system of weeping tiles and sump pumps (or floor drains) that redirect leaks away from your foundation and to an appropriate point of discharge located outside your home. By installing protective membranes (coatings and sealers) onto your basement’s walls, your walls are protected against damages and water is prevented from penetrating your foundation. Think of the membrane as a protective barrier between your walls and basement, protecting your basement from flooding. Water leaks on your basement’s floor are protected through the new weeping tiles.

If a sump pump is required for your waterproofing project, we’ll dig a pit in your basement and install a plastic liner and a layer of concrete inside the pit to allow the water to safely flow through it to the drainage area. While waterproofing your basement and/or installing a sump pump may seem like a daunting task to the average homeowner at first, it can actually end up saving you thousands upon thousands of dollars in structural repairs to your foundation’s concrete, timber, bricks, etc. over time. Internal waterproofing can prove to be more cost-effective than external waterproofing over time.

Prevent Mould by Waterproofing Your Home

Another thing waterproofing helps you prevent: mould. Over time, flooding and leaks can cause the right conditions for mould to grow and colonize. Mould not only looks nasty, but it can also have some serious health risks because it creates allergens in your environment, which can in turn cause allergic reactions among your home’s occupants. And once mould has become an issue, you’ll probably end up spending more money to have a professional mould remediation company come in and rid your house of the mould. All costs that you likely could have avoided by effectively waterproofing your home in the first place.

Get a Waterproofing Estimate in Windsor

Whether you live in an older or newer home, water leaks in your basement’s foundation can cause more extensive damages to your walls, floors and ceilings over time. Should you need waterproofing in the Windsor area, call Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc. to request a free estimate or to schedule an appointment for service. Wet basement repairs and waterproofing are but one of our many specialties! Whether your basement is already leaking or you’re pre-emptively adding an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind before you refinish your basement, don’t hesitate to give us a call and find out why we have so many satisfied clients for yourself.

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