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Hire an Excavator: Windsor & Essex County Basements

The Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc. crew can provide you with a complete basement package, from initial groundbreaking to a finished floor to cover as you like. With the combined efforts of all 3 divisions this can be achieved efficiently and professionally to the proper specs. There is quite a lot to be done when preparing a basement for a new home. However, we can assure you that with our trained staff and the equipment we have on hand, any plan can be followed.


Some of the steps in the development of a basement include the following: First the team carefully studies the plans for the structure so that they can create a game plan which allows them to be properly prepared for the task at hand. Next comes the excavation process itself. Once the basement is dug the crew will form and pour the footings.


After the footings are completed we will lay tile to ensure that the basement stays moisture free. When we have finished setting up the tile we truck in the stone to create a base for the concrete floor. The next steps are to pour the walls and the floors. At this point waterproofing comes into play. The crew will coat the exterior of the walls with tar and then top the tar with rubber membrane, insuring that the basement is capable of withstanding all of the outdoor elements that will be thrown at it.


If you are in need of a basement excavation or any other service that Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc. may provide, please contact our office for assistance.

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